Bestheim Classic Riesling 2014
Bestheim Classic Riesling 2014 Bestheim Classic Riesling 2014 Bestheim Classic Riesling 2014

Bestheim Classic Riesling 2014

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Wine Maker: Bestheim
Vintage: 2014
Region: Alsace
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Riesling from the Alsace region in France.

Grape Varietals: 100% Riesling
The Bestheim winery is located in the Alsace region of France and boasts some 700 hectares of vineyards, covering a range of different terroirs and remarkable climates. The size of their production and quality of their wines has made Bestheim a leader in the Alsace region.
Alsace is known for producing excellent white wines that display a strong Germanic influence. Alsace is located in northern France on the eastern border, and on the west bank of the upper Rhine River. Protected by the Vosges Mountains, this picturesque region boasts ancient soils, noble grapes and an extraordinary climate – one of the driest in France
Bestheim Riesling Classic presents beautiful shades of white gold. On the nose, it offers a pleasant intensity, with many fruity and refreshing citrus notes. Bestheim Riesling Classic is a beautifully balanced wine with hints of lemon and grapefruit on the mouth.
Bestheim Riesling Classic is ideally paired with any seafood, specifically shellfish such as grilled shrimp or seared scallops. It also pairs well with traditional sauerkraut.
Classification: AOC
Size: 750ml
Alc: 12%
Blend: Riesling 100%

Tasting Note: A beautiful dress white gold, it offers a nose of great intensity, very fruity and refreshing citrus notes.Very well balanced, mouth book savory flavors of lime and grapefruit.
Ideal with shellfish, fish, or with the traditional sauerkraut.

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